Personalised support from AbbVie Care

When you’re taking HUMIRA, AbbVie Care offers a range of online, phone and video support

AbbVie Care New Zealand provides personalised support when you are taking HUMIRA. This support is designed to complement the care you receive from your specialist and clinic nurse. The aim is by working together people can achieve better outcomes with their health and quality of life.

It’s easy to ENROL

How AbbVie Care supports you:

Welcome kit

  • Information on all you need to know to get the best out of AbbVie Care
  • Ice pack to assist with injecting

AbbVie Care Nurse support

  • Home visits or phone calls to help with injecting^
  • Scheduled phone calls to provide information and support
  • An 0800 number to call when you have a question

  • Helpful resources and tools (eg travel advice)
  • The ability to order your sharps container
  • The ability to order your travel wallet to assist when travelling with HUMIRA
  • Medication and appointment reminders
  • Access to an online community of others who are taking HUMIRA
  • Contact with your AbbVie Care Nurse

Sharps disposal programme

  • Delivery of sharps container to safely dispose of your HUMIRA pens and syringes
  • Access to pharmacy disposal of your sharps container